Social Responsibility Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Sustainable development

Sustainable development

HAIHONG ELECTRIC has implemented the concept of "sustainable development" into all aspects of enterprise development, won the Green Manufacturing System Solution Supplier Project in 2020, actively practiced green low-carbon, promote the concept of sustainable development, improve the quality of services, organize and participate in technical exchanges, provide advice to the government, participate in the preparation of standards and norms, etc. The project has effectively enhanced the independent innovation capability and integrated service capability of the enterprise, actively explored green transformation solutions for the transformer industry, and contributed to the accelerated realization of green, low-carbon and high-quality development of the industry.
Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

HAIHONG ELECTRIC continues to enhance its technological innovation capabilities, and is committed to producing green products throughout their life cycle, reducing as much as possible the environmental pollutants generated during the manufacturing and operation stages of the products; focusing on the production of energy and material-saving "low-carbon double energy-saving" products, and improving the utilisation rate of raw materials, in order to maintain and improve the global environment and protect the limited We will do our part to maintain and improve the global environment and protect limited natural resources.
Social welfare

Social welfare

Haihong Electric actively participates in social welfare activities and takes practical actions to practice corporate social responsibility: insisting on carrying out public welfare activities every year to help the poor and students, actively carrying out blood donation activities, participating in volunteer activities, "blending and symbiosis" between party building work and enterprise development, etc.; it has been awarded as "Jiangmen City Care It has also been awarded as "Jiangmen City Advanced Group in Caring for the Next Generation" for many times, effectively solving the worries, troubles and worries of the public.
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